1. Roles are for 18 and Older
  2. Please prepare a song that shows as much range as possible, preferably from the 1960’s era. Songs from the show are allowable. 
  3. Please be prepared with:
    1. A simple performance resume.
    2. A one-minute to one-and-a-half-minute memorized monologue. No poetry, please.
    3. A photo of yourself. School or family photos are fine but they will be kept by the theatre for future reference.
    4. 32 bars, memorized, from a musical theater song from the show or in the 1960’s style of the show fitting the role with which you are most interested. Please bring your own track. (Auxiliary cords will be available for Phones/iPods/MP3 players.) – DO NOT read lyrics from your phone. An accompanist may be provided.  Please inquire within.  If so, ensure your music in in the correct key. 
  4.  When your audition is complete, you may leave.  You will be notified by email if you need to come to a callback to read and/or dance for a specific part

Director/Choreographer-Rita Maron 
Vocal Music Direction - Lisa King

About Promises, Promises

The musical follows a young, ambitious accountant for the New York insurance company named Chuck Baxter. Chuck climbs the ladder by allowing the firm's executives to his midtown apartment for extramarital love affairs. Trouble occurs when Chuck discovers that the object of his own love, Fran Kubelik, is having rendezvous at his place with Chuck's manager, J.D Sheldrake.

BOOK = Neil Simon 
MUSIC= Burt Bacharach 
LYRICS= Hal David

Chuck Baxter – Male – Lead - Baritone
Dr. Dreyfuss – Male – Supporting - Baritone
J.D. Sheldrake – Male – Supporting - Baritone
Karl Kubelik – Male - Featured
Dobitch – Male - Featured
Kirkeby – Male - Featured
Eichelberger – Male - Featured
Jesse Vanderhof – Male - Featured

PROMISES, PROMISES is presented by arrangement with TAMS-WITMARK

Celebrating 63 Years of Great Community Theatre in Rhode Island

James and Gloria Maron Cultural Arts Center
home of the A​cademy Players

All auditions take place at the

James and Gloria Maron Cultural Arts Center

home of the 

Academy Players

180 Button Hole Drive (Bldg. 2)

Providence, RI 02909

Use Button Hole Golf Course, for GPS directions