Audition Dates:  April 22 & 24, 2018 5:00-10:00 PM
Callback:  April 29, 2018 6:00 PM
Performances: September 13-30, 2018

Please be prepared with :

  1. A one-minute to one and a half minute memorized monologue. No poetry, please.
  2. ​A photo of yourself.  School or family photos are fine but they will be kept by the theatre for future reference.
  3. ​A simple performance resume. (If you do not have one, there will be questions on the audition form to provide the theatre with necessary information.)
  4. 32 bars, memorized, from a  musical theater song from the show or in the style of the show fitting the role you are most interested in. Bring sheet music, in the correct key, as an accompanist will be provided or you may use your own track.  (Auxiliary cords will be available for Phones/iPods/MP3 players.)  - Please do not read lyrics from your phone.

When your audition is finished you may leave. You will be notified by email if you need to come to a callback to read and dance for a specific part on April 29.  (Callbacks do not mean success or failure of your audition.  Not everyone will be invited or will need to be called back.)


About Disney’s Newsies
Based on the real-life Newsboy Strike of 1899, this new Disney musical tells the story of Jack Kelly, a rebellious newsboy who dreams of a life as an artist away from the big city. After publishing giant Joseph Pulitzer raises newspaper prices at the newsboys’ expense, Jack and his fellow newsies take action. With help from the intrepid reporter Katherine Plumber, all of New York City soon recognizes the power of young people.

Female Characters

Katherine Plumber – A feisty young reporter. Gender: Female.
Medda Larkin, Nun – A vaudeville star, owns her own theater. Gender: Female.
Bowery Beauty, Nun, Newsie – Showgirls at Medda’s theater. Gender: Female.
Hannah, Nun, Bowery Beauty (possible Newsie) – Pulitzer’s secretary. Gender: Female.

Male Characters
Jack Kelly – Leader of the Newsies. Gender: Male.
Crutchie – A Newsie with a bum leg. Gender: Male.
Joseph Pulitzer – Publisher of The World, a no-nonsense businessman. Gender: Male.
Davey – A new Newsie, more bookish than Jack. Gender: Male.
Les – Davey’s fearless younger brother. Gender: Male.
Wiesel – runs the distribution window of The World. Gender: Male.
Jacobi – Owner of the deli. Gender: Male.
Mayor – The Mayor of New York City. Gender: Male.
Seitz – Pulitzer’s editor.
Snyder – Warden of The Refuge; a frightening, spidery and sinister man. Gender: Male.
Bunsen – Pulitzer’s bookkeeper. Gender: Male.
Stage Manager – A stage manager at Medda Larkin’s theater. Gender: Male.
Nunzio – A barber. Gender: Male.
Governor Teddy Roosevelt – Gender: Male.

Newsies Ensemble & Doubling
Spot Conlon, Newsie – Leader of the Brooklyn Newsies. Gender: Male.
Race – A Newsie with a penchant for betting. Gender: Male.
Albert – A Newsie. Gender: Male.
Specs – A Newsie. Gender: Male.
Bill – The son of William Randolph Hearst. Gender: Male.
Henry & Finch – Newsies. Gender: Male
Elmer & Mush – Newsies. Gender: Male
Romeo – A Newsie. Gender: Male.
Darcy, Newsie – Upper-class son of a publisher. Gender: Male.
Morris Delancey, Newsie – Heavy at – The World’s distribution window. Gender: Male.
Oscar Delancey, Newsie – Morris’s equally tough brother. Gender: Male.


 Actors of all types are welcome to audition and minority actors are wanted for lead roles.  Major roles will be open to actors of all genders and ages for this production. Minority actors are highly encouraged to audition.  Academy Players encourage performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to attend every audition.

Is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI).
All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI.
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Phone: 212-541-4684  Fax: 212-397-4684

Auditions take place in the 

Academy Players Q2Q Blackbox Theatre
180 Button Hole Drive (Bldg. 2), Providence, RI 02909

Use Button Hole Golf Course, for GPS directions 

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